Chris Gillespie - Australian Songwriter
NEW ALBUM -'Unnatural Light' OUT NOW.



"Autumn Winds (from Unnatural Light) is such a simply constructed tune with gorgeous harmonies. It just goes to show that you don't need all the bells and whistles to make an excellent song come to life". - Sarah Howells -Triple J (Roots n' All)

“It's beautiful stuff... I'm really loving this album..
.. an impressive final result for a completely independently produced recording...”
- Tim Higgins - 2SER FM

"Those harmonies... are downright gorgeous".
Tom Ballard - Triple J

"A lightness of touch in his melodies and subtly knowing lyrical wit.. a very pleasant debut album"
Michael Smith - Drum Media

I really like this tune (Unnatural Light).. it’s incredibly catchy with a little bit of a Josh Pyke vibe..”
Rosie Beaton - Triple J